Ok, so a bit about me, I’m Andy and, like nearly every other personal trainer out there, I used to be fat and unfit until I changed my life around. Unlike many others out there I was really big - morbidly obese at 165kg with a 58" chest and a 56" waist. This is nothing to be proud of.

It wasn’t until the excess weight resulted in poor health and started having a detrimental effect on my life that I was forced into doing something about it. Poor lifestyle choices and concentrating more on my work than my own life and wellness had all added up and were not contributing to a positive future.

As my body started to suffer I was pretty oblivious as to how bad it had got “ignorance was indeed bliss” Getting back into a healthier lifestyle was tough and at times emotional, I often felt uncomfortable in a gym or class environment in the early stages of my fitness journey and I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they don’t belong or that they shouldn’t be there.

Some people can find it hard to stay motivated working out in a run of the mill chain gym, feeling as though they’re in a 'fish bowl' environment. When I started running classes at a dance studio I realised that I could provide a different experience in a space which is friendly and flexible so I opened my own training space.

From my own experience  I know that leading a fit and active lifestyle contributes to not only improved health but also an enormous sense of well-being.  I don’t just train or coach, I support and care as I help you on your journey.

In 2018 The Studio, my boutique training space in Bitterne, Southampton began on its own journey. Since then I have enjoyed being able to help more people achieve their personal fitness and wellness goals with classes, bootcamps and personal training.

Who would have thought 6 years ago that a 25 stone Restaurant Manager would be living out his dream, developing and building his own business and brand within the fitness industry. I can’t help but wake up every day with a smile and a desire to push myself, my clients and my business as we all achieve great things.


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